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Chelsea 1-0 Southampton, Tunnel cam: Chelsea’s most artistic effort yet

Tunnel cam from Saturday’s 1-0 win over Southampton is here, and it’s Chelsea TV’s most artistic effort yet!

Beyond the usual slow-motion and sound-isolation flourishes, we get some lovely shots of sprinklers (oh, that zoom!) and some ironic shots of third-party vendors selling merchandise that barely skirts the trademark rules (it’s not ‘Chelsea’, it’s ‘Ch3l5e4’!) as part of the ‘atmosphere’ building shots — despite which we seemed to lack a bit of that atmosphere yesterday, no? But my favorite shots are the wide-angle surveys of the crowd as they repeatedly oohed and ahhed all the wasted chances and celebrated Marcos Alonso’s unexpected winner.

There are of course all the usual shots one would expect from tunnel cams, minus any actual tunnel cam footage since that’s apparently a non-starter in the friendly confines of the Stamford Bridge corridors. There are arrivals and warm-ups and walk-outs and Courtois giving yet another shirt to yet another kid in the stands and so on and so forth.


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