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Hazard gives his man of the match award to Willian in hilarious post-match interview after Chelsea beat Huddersfield

Eden Hazard’s laughter could cure all disease and stop all wars.

There’s quite a bit going on in this interview, from the serious to the hilarious, which makes it just about the best post-match interview in some time.

Hazard was clearly enjoying himself as only Hazard can, following up on his hilarious reaction to Willian’s headed goal during the game with some shenanigans in the post-match interview corner.

Both players repeat some of their usual answers to the usual sort of post-match questions. Hazard talks about Chelsea bouncing back from the West Ham defeat, showing some good mentality, invention, movement in the freezing rain of Huddersfield. He also talks about how the fixture congestion isn’t really anything new and how it’s something that Chelsea have to deal with just about every season. Meanwhile, Willian talks about doing his best when given a chance and how there are only eleven players who can start at any given time, and about Chelsea winning games even when the title chance is realistically over.

And then Hazard gives his Man of the Match award to Willian, because Hazard is the best.

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