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Bonus Chelsea tunnel cam: Pitch-side highlights; post-match celebrations

If you watched the tunnel cam video put together by Chelsea TV earlier this week, you probably noticed that it was strangely devoid of the usual bits of in-game and fans’ view footage captured from the sidelines. It turns out that wasn’t really an oversight; they were just saving it for a separate video! While I would’ve preferred the two to be released in just one longer video — and maybe there were some technical issues preventing that? — this works just the same.

As we’ve mentioned several times before, this is easily the best new feature from Chelsea TV this season, and one that we had been asking for repeatedly for some time. (Live streaming games on YouTube, especially the Chelsea Ladies games, is a close second.)

In case you missed it, here’s the original tunnel cam video, with all its tunnel cam goodness.

And here’s a video of Conte celebrating the full-time whistle like only Conte can.

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