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Chelsea tunnel cam: Mourinho handshakes, Mata and Matić reunions

Here’s five minutes of pure unadulterated tunnel cam goodness from the good people of Chelsea TV. This is perhaps the best edition yet of this season’s best new recurring feature from the club’s in-house TV channel, and not just because of the occasion. We get player arrivals, pre-match warm-ups, post-match celebrations, and end of game tunnel access with its usual spate of celebrities (David Haye and ... Julia Roberts?) and autograph recipients.

As ever, the best part of these sorts of “classic” tunnel cam videos is the interaction between players and staff, and here we get David Luiz joking around with former teammates Juan Mata (Matinha!) and Nemanja Matić (wonder what the “¿que pasó?” — what happened? — was in reference to...), Alonso and Morata having a chat with fellow Spaniard David De Gea and even a handshake (stop the presses!) between Antonio Conte and José Mourinho.

Peace in our time!

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