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Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea, Premier League: Tunnel cam the second

Better late than never; here’s Liverpool’s take on the tunnel cam video from Saturday’s game. Chelsea had released theirs just a few hours after the game ended, which is fairly impressive given the editing work that needs to happen for it. Or perhaps modern software is just so good that they’re able to crank them out right quick. Either way, I’m impressed how fast they’ve been releasing those from the last few games.

Nothing’s spectacularly shocking in this video, except maybe the creepy guy at around the 12:45 mark. Are they sure he’s supposed to be there?

Nice to see Salah going out of his way to shake hands with every Chelsea player, even those whom he never played with. There definitely seems to be a fair bit of friendliness between him and Hazard -- those nice things that Hazard was saying before the game in the media probably weren’t just empty words, in case we were wondering.

Good to see Daniel Sturridge, too (especially since at least he didn’t score against his former club!).

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