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Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea, Tunnel cam: Salah hugs, Moses sprints, Courtois gives shirt away

Chelsea are once again quick as Azpilicueta with the tunnel cam from Saturday’s game, beating Liverpool themselves to the punch by several hours, if not days. In fact, as of this writing, Liverpool’s “Inside Access” is nowhere to be found and Chelsea’s “Unseen Extra” has been up for over 12 hours. We’ve sure come a long way in a very short time in terms of video content on YouTube, and the Chelsea TV production team should be commended for that.

In any case, here’s another great behind the scenes look at another Chelsea game, and while the result could’ve been better, the video itself is pretty great.

Special mentions for the pre-match hugs between Salah and former teammates Willian, David Luiz, and Eden Hazard, post-match niceties between Willian and Coutinho (wonder if Willian told him the same thing about the goal as he claimed to the press...), the pre-match Azpilicueta ritual that recently entered the public consciousness, the post-match fitness test for Victor Moses (passed?), and the post-match shots of the players walking out of the stadium, through the mixed zone with the journalists, and onto the bus.

But above all that, this guy wins the day.

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