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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich watches win over West Brom with supporters’ club in New York City

One of us.

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, as you do on most Saturdays during the Premier League season, and making it down to your local watering hole — a description that, in fairness, doesn’t do justice to New York City’s fantastic Football Factory @ Legends Bar — to watch Chelsea play.

You see most of the usual crowd, probably, as you scan the place. There may be a few new faces, especially as NBC decided to make this one of their select few non-televised Chelsea games and thus the only way to watch it was to pay for the overpriced NBC Gold service or head down to the pub. Perhaps a few more than usual have chosen the latter option. Either way, you find a spot and settle in to watch the Blues thump West Bromwich Albion 4-0.

Afterwards, or perhaps during the match already, you spot a quiet, unassuming middle-aged man standing or sitting around with a few of his associates. You think nothing of it at first — just another casually dressed man here to watch his team play — perhaps you tip your glass in his direction, sharing a brief moment of brotherhood that your shared support of the Blues grants both of you, before diverting your attention back to whatever it was you were doing previously.

But in the back of your mind something stirs. Something’s not right. He isn’t just some man. You’re suddenly sure of it. So you look again.

And then you realize, it’s Roman [FUNNING] Abramovich, right there, in the flesh, watching his team play. Literally ... his ... team.

Jack Keane, who posted that picture on his Twitter account is the director of the Football Factory.

There are hints of more pictures coming courtesy of the local supporters’ club, NY Blues.

Saturdays don’t get much cooler than this.

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