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Primetime sitcom on American television makes Chelsea joke about Conte and Batshuayi!

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Fam, we’ve made it. To American primetime television. As a throwaway joke on a rather terrible sitcom on ABC, but hey, we made it!

The show in question is a sitcom called “Speechless”, with which I’m not at all familiar and I hope to never have to watch again outside of this particular episode, but it is in its second season, so maybe others don’t find it as terrible as I do (at least it doesn’t have a laugh track, so it’s got that going for it). It also has Upright Citizens’ John Ross Bowie, so there a few funny moments, and this episode also had Keith David singing so it wasn’t all bad.

Anyway, the central conceit of this week’s episode was that the “British” grandmother, played by the decidedly non-British Holland Taylor, complete with a ridiculous accent, was coming to visit for Thanksgiving so the mother (Minnie Driver) wanted to make sure that everything was in tip-top shape. For some reason, that included having her daughter read up on soccer, specifically Chelsea Football Club, the “greatest football club in the world”, but as a red-blooded American, that was very much against the daughter’s values or something. Fortunately, the son’s girlfriend, in classic sitcom fashion, gets confused for the daughter by the visiting grandmother, which then leads to this glorious scene.

“I’m thankful that Conte has finally realized what he has in Batshuayi. He’s Chelsea’s best striker.”


You can watch the full episode streaming on Hulu or ABC or wherever you get your shows, if you want to. This is the best that it gets however.

(h/t: /r/chelseafc)

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