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Morata header against Man Utd great excuse to revisit Drogba’s Champions League final equalizer

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Chelsea have been milking Álvaro Morata’s winner against Manchester United all week on social media — that’s not necessarily a criticism, mind you; it should be celebrated — and the latest in that effort is a Top 10 Greatest Chelsea Headers Of All Time video from Chelsea TV. (The fact that they also put it up on YouTube as opposed to just releasing it on Chelsea TV where it’s a lot harder to share should also be celebrated.)

That’s certainly an ambitious effort, to mine 112 years of games and goals — or at least the ones of which there is video — for the ten best headed one, but of course that would be taking the title of the video just a bit too literally.

That said, I think we can all agree that the greatest Chelsea headed goal of all time — OF ALL TIME — is Didier Drogba’s equalizer in the 2012 Champions League final. Chelsea’s video of course has the in-house call, but I’d guess the version most of us remember is Martin Tyler being jolted awake for once and getting a teensy-weensy bit excited (though not quite as excited as Gary Neville).

A year later, Branislav Ivanović popped up with another crucial Chelsea header in another European Cup final, and that’s a deserved second place on this list.

The rest I’d surmise is wide open for debate, which is probably the point of the whole thing anyway.

Chelsea TV’s Top 10 is as follows:

  1. Drogba vs. Bayern (2012)
  2. Ivanović vs. Benfica (2013)
  3. Terry vs. Barcelona (2005)
  4. Desailly vs. Liverpool (2003)
  5. Osgood vs. Leeds (1970)
  6. Morata vs. Manchester United (2017)
  7. Torres vs. Genk (2011)
  8. Crespo vs. Fulham (2003)
  9. JFH vs. Everton (2003)
  10. Tambling vs. Liverpool (1966)

P.S.: Since we’re talking about the 2012 final and Drogba’s (and Čech’s, and everyone else’s) heroics, and I haven’t shared this video in a while, here’s the one video I go back to whenever I feel down (even more so that the famous Feroze17 video) and just want to bring a smile to my face. So much joy, it’s unbearable. And I don’t even know these people!

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