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The Eden Hazard hype video you need to drive international blues and rumor nonsense away

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International break got you down?

Worried about Morata’s hamstring injury?

Scared to death about Kanté’s hamstring injury?

You do know things tend to come in threes, right?

And how about all the sensationalist claptrap about Conte’s future, or Courtois’s contract, or, for that matter, Hazard’s happiness? Yes, Don Balon, predictably as ever, kicked that rusty old bucket again and it’s now making a lot of noise as it tumbles down the steps of sanity.

And we’re only halfway through the international break. Most teams have another game left. There are seven more days until Chelsea play again.

How will we ever survive?

Videos like the one at the top could help. It’s from friend of the blog Dániel Katona, who’s been producing Chelsea videos for some time now, and it’s one to make you feel all the good feels about life, liberty, and the pursuit of carefreeness. And of course appreciate the talents of a certain Eden Hazard, who’s back in full effect after recovering from his broken ankle.