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Chelsea 2-1 Everton, Player Ratings: Caballero under the radar, over the average

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Chelsea v Everton - Carabao Cup Fourth Round Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images


Minutes: 90
Saves: 3

All the attention was focused on the youngsters playing — especially Musonda and Ampadu — and the debut of Danny Drinkwater, so Caballero’s second Chelsea appearance flew a bit under the radar ... but not the radar of the player ratings!

Multiple excellent saves highlighted the veteran goalkeeper’s day, especially as Everton threatened to turn into an actual footballing side in the second half. Rooney, Mirallas, Jagielka were all thwarted before the defense gifted one to Calvert-Lewin and ruined the clean sheet in the last seconds of the game.

Not much more you can ask from a backup.


Minutes: 90
Shots: 2*

Rudiger’s header was poetry in motion, and just for that he deserves all the ratings.


Minutes: 90
Shots: 3

This was Zappacosta’s fourth start for Chelsea, and while he didn’t produce a lucky/great goal this time, it was perhaps his best performance overall for the club.

Especially enjoyed his marauding runs up the right side that routinely left two-three defenders in his dust. Zappa doesn’t immediately strike you as the trickiest or fastest or most athletic player, but he’s got more than a surprise move or two up his sleeves and once he got moving in this one, he was often unstoppable.

STARTERS: Caballero (8.0), Cahill (6.6), Christensen (7.0), Rudiger (7.5), Kenedy (6.5), Drinkwater (6.7), Ampadu (7.2), Zappacosta (7.5), Musonda Jr (6.1), Batshuayi (6.5), Willian (7.0)

SUBSTITUTES: Pedro (6.1), Fabregas (5.8), Morata (6.0)


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