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Chelsea 4-2 Watford, Tunnel Cam: 90-year-old fan honored; post-match autographs and training

The good times are back at the Bridge. You might say it’s only been one game since the three-match winless streak ended, but in modern football, mood and prospects and outlook and pressure changes game-to-game, day-to-day, hour-to-hour. Hero one day; villain the next. Hero one day

That may be an exaggeration, but it’s no hyperbole to say that the mood was low before the Watford game (and then especially during it, when the visitors took the lead) — Azpilicueta, others even admitted as much. After the win, the mood is probably a bit better, at the very least.

In any case, the good times are back and so is the Chelsea Tunnel Cam, or “Tunnel Access” or “GAME DAY” or whatever we want to call this. Really need to settle a name, methinks. CityTV call theirs “Tunnel Cam”; Liverpool call it “Inside Anfield”. “GAME DAY” was fine, but now this one’s called “Chelsea Unseen Extra”.

Naming uncertainties aside, we’ve got a bit of pre-match action, with the players arriving for the game, a bit of post-match action, with the unused players staying behind for a training session while others give out autographs in the tunnel, and a heart-warming scene of a long-time fan, looking great for 90, getting a special recognition prior to kick-off.

Love it.

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