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WATCH: César Azpilicueta’s winning goal and celebrations from the Matthew Harding Lower

According to the uploader of this video, a 23-year-old student named Rajarshi Ghosh, this was his first ever trip to watch Chelsea play live and in person at Stamford Bridge. Not a bad day to pick for your first time; a gorgeous autumn day in London and a rousing comeback happening right in front you at the end of the stadium you’re watching from.

The Matthew Harding Lower is a great place to be, but the view of the far end of the pitch is not ideal, to say the least. But when the action happens right in front of you, it’s perfect. Like The Matrix, it’s really something you have to experience rather than be told about — it’s hard to describe how close you really are to everything that’s happening; the camera adds distance with the viewing angle.

Still, even in videos like this you can get a sense of what it feels like to be there — and when you’re in the MHL or the Shed, it’s mostly about feeling rather than any deeper tactical observation.


P.S.: Hopefully the dude’s phone is not too destroyed after the unfortunate drop amid all the excitement!

P.P.S.: This reminds me that I will be in London in a little over five weeks, Dec 1-7 — the London is Blue Podcast boys will be there as well, plus a few others — so make plans to come and hang out!

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