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Pre-match positivity with Chelsea Unseen

It’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks at Chelsea Football Club, with subpar results, multiple injuries, and all the usual media drama heightening emotions and fraying a few nerves. But that all changes today, with a win against Watford, right?


To get you set up for all that incoming positivity, here’s this week’s Chelsea:Unseen, which dropped yesterday but got lost in all the build-up as well as the nonsense emanating from certain quarters of the football media.

It’s filled with all the usual flicks and tricks as we’ve come to expect over the past season and change, including a decent segment from the Chelsea Ladies training as they get ready to return to action, a proper glimpse of Danny Drinkwater (he’s aliiiiiive!) as he returns to training, and even a bit from the goalkeepers practicing a bit of agility with Coach Spinelli, who shows that Christophe Lollichon wasn’t the only one to make up interesting drills for his players.


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