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Conte rubbishes Chelsea exit rumors, clarifies position regarding happiness and future

Chelsea Training and Press Conference Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Few things go together as well as international breaks and baseless speculation, especially when said speculation actually has some basis to build on (thus technically making them not baseless, just sensationalist), such as the speculation surrounding Antonio Conte’s Chelsea future.

“For two weeks I am reading wrong things. I did an interview two weeks ago and I am sure the translation was wrong.

“In the interview I only said that one day, in the future, I would like to go back to Italy. One day, in the future.”

It’s not the translation. The translation was correct. The quotes were clear. They were also basically ignored, and the headlines crafted around the narrative the papers are trying to sell instead.

Add in the fact that Conte did not sign an extension in the summer (only a better contract for the same lenght of time as before) and just the fate of managers in general, especially at Chelsea — Conte has already lasted longer than the average manager over the past decade — and it’s an easy story to sell. And it might even prove to be true! For now however, there is nothing to do worry about.

“But I know very well my position. I have two years contract with Chelsea to go, I am happy to work for this club, I am happy to work with my players, I like working with my players. I like to have this great feeling with our supporters. I don’t see problems.

“Another situation I want to clarify is that my family stays here with me, not in Italy. My daughter is going to the school here, in Cobham. When you want to write something, it’s important to write the truth. My family stay here, not in Italy.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

As Andre 3000 once said, I hope we do indeed feel this way forever.



(But you can’t predict the weather, can you?)

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