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Charly, Lamisha Musonda appear frustrated with Chelsea’s handling of youth prospects

It’s unclear what exactly prompted two of the Brothers Musonda to let loose with a barely disguised salvo in Chelsea’s general direction last night, but it would appear that Charly Jr is once again getting frustrated with his opportunities at Chelsea.

Charly has a fairly extensive history of deleting and purging social media posts and accounts, but as of this writing, 7 hours after first posting, his Instagram post is still up.

Yes, it’s just a black square. The caption reads:

You sacrifice, you work hard, harder, you give more than what's expected, and often more than you can, because you love what you do and clearly more than you should.

And what do you get back?

Literally nothing,... done.

However, with this being said I will continue with same dedication and commitment to this great game.

While he does not make it 100 per cent clear, it’s likely that he’s talking about Chelsea here, rather than, say, the Belgium national team, or his progress in Stardew Valley.

And while he may have a point, the timing seems rather odd, considering that we’re in the middle of an international break with no Chelsea games in sight. The break also follows the emotional high of Charly making his full debut for Chelsea and scoring a goal against Nottingham Forest in the League Cup (after two substitute appearances earlier in the season), and while he has not played since, two of the three games Chelsea have had since have been against Atlético Madrid and Manchester City — not exactly the most obvious games for a 20-year-old fifth-choice attacking midfielder...

It is possible that something happened at training yesterday or this week that set him off of course.

A reply to the Instagram post from his brother Lamisha appeared to confirm that the angst was aimed at the Blues, though that reply has since been deleted. (Replies to the reply to exist still.)

According to Lamisha, who himself was in the Chelsea Academy for a while, alongside both Charly Jr and Tika Musonda, Chelsea wouldn’t know if we had Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in the academy. Again, possibly not factually wrong, but still not a good look.

Lamisha later posted a milder version of that take on his Twitter.

But a brief glance through his timeline shows plenty of frustration at his brother’s situation.

Obviously, Lamisha, who, alongside Tika, is playing for Spanish third division club UE Llagostera these days, will always advocate for his brother and keep his best interest in mind, but I’m not sure such public displays of frustration from both him and especially Charly himself are the best way to go about it.

Charly Jr, who should have plenty of opportunities this season give the team’s busy schedule, has a little over 1.5 years left on his current contract and there were recent rumors that Chelsea were looking to get that extended. Perhaps this is just some sort of weird negotiating tactic from the youngster? Otherwise, the chances of that deal getting signed don’t look very good at all.

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