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Willian defends John Terry, says Peterborough player should've been carded for diving instead

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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

In mostly dominant fashion, Chelsea advanced to the FA Cup's fourth round in yesterday's 4-1 win over Peterborough United. The only time when The Posh started to threaten the Blues was shortly after John Terry's red card in the 67th minute — it was the captain's first start since our 2-1 defeat to West Ham in the EFL Cup back in October.

Although Terry's tackle against Peterborough striker Lee Angol was a pretty clear red, Chelsea will be appealing the decision as mentioned by Conte after the match and confirmed by John Terry on his Instagram.  Perhaps they can get Willian to testify.  He seems to have the blue-tinted glasses firmly in place.

"If there was a card to be shown - although I don't think the play deserved one - it had to be the yellow one to Peterborough's striker for diving. Unfortunately [the red card] happened but [Terry] is a legend here, someone who I admire a lot and earned everything possible in this club. So he deserves everyone's respect."

In yesterday's game, Willian was chosen by head coach Antonio Conte to play as a support striker alongside Michy Batshuayi. It was a slightly different role for the Brazilian, but he did well and eventually even got his sixth goal this season.

"The team is playing very well, and the player who manages to break through the line-up carries out the same playing style and have a good game as well. And in every opportunity I get, I look to do my best. So I think that it will always be this way: whenever I get a chance [to play] I will always look to play well, help the team."

-Willian; Source: ESPN Brasil

Following a season in which Willian was one of the few consistently reliable players in the side, it's certainly nice to see that that's no longer the case.  He may not be the undisputed option for the third wheel of the Diego Costa and Eden Hazard axis of attack, but Willian remains an important squad player.