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Conte considers appeal of John Terry's clear as day red card

Speaking after Chelsea's 4-1 win over Peterborough United in the third round of the FA Cup, Antonio Conte seemed adamant that the club will be appealing John Terry's red card, handed out after some consideration by referee Kevin Friend for a denial of an obvious goalscoring opportunity (DOGSO). Perhaps Conte will change his mind after watching a replay or two.

As per FIFA rules, DOGSO is one seven offences worth of a red card.

  1. denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (except a goalkeeper within their penalty area)
  2. denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the opponents’ goal by an offence punishable by a free kick (unless as outlined below)
  3. serious foul play
  4. spitting at an opponent or any other person
  5. violent conduct
  6. using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  7. receiving a second caution in the same match

Situation no.2, which is the one that applies here, was mitigated by FIFA last summer to take away the so-called triple jeopardy aspect for committing a DOGSO in the penalty area (red card, penalty, goal). Now, if a foul is committed in the box, the offending player is not sent off if he's actually attempting to play the ball (i.e. he's not just holding or pulling or committing serious foul play). But this only applies inside the penalty area.

Outside the box, the usual considerations apply.

  • distance between the offence and the goal
  • general direction of the play
  • likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball
  • location and number of defenders

Terry committed the foul (even if he slipped, it's still a foul) just a few yards outside the box, with the play moving in the direction of goal and the Peterborough player fully in control of the ball. Ivanović is the nearest "cover" but he's, at best, level with the play and a good ten yards away.

"You have to respect the referee decision, but in this case maybe we will do an appeal for this situation."

"The situation is very clear and I think John didn't deserve this. He didn't take the opponent and also the second reason was because behind John there was Ivanovic to cover John. It's a pity when this happens, because the red card is not good."

-Antonio Conte; source: Mirror

Kevin Friend's decision was, unfortunately, quite justified in this case, and any potential appeal strikes me as a rather frivolous course of action.

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