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Chelsea vs. Peterborough, FA Cup: Half-time report

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Chelsea dominant and two-nil to the good, goals from Pedro and Batshuayi.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Somehow, some way it's just 2-0 to Chelsea at the half, even though Pedro by himself should have just about a hat-trick.  He does have the one, and a most hilarious crossbar from about three yards out, as well as a glorious chance passed up from not much further out (eventually Willian's shot was blocked).  Meanwhile, Batshuayi probably should've won a penalty, but he did his best to stay up (twice!) and thus went unrewarded.  And this is why players dive.

Batshuayi finally got his reward towards the end of the half — he had been trying a bit too hard at times, bless his heart — getting on the end of a layoff from Loftus-Cheek after Willian set Chelsea on their way to a 4-v-2 counter.  Loftus-Cheek has been one of the strongest Chelsea performers of the half, alongside fellow youngster and midfielder Nathaniel Chalobah.

Peterborough did have a couple chances, but Begovic made a good save early and Zouma cleared well late.  The Chelsea defense looks less than convincing, but so far have held up just fine against the young, quick, naive legs of the opposition.

So far so good.  Let's finish this off.  Come on, Chelsea!