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Celebrate Eden Hazard's birthday with 16-minute video of his best skills

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Apparently it's Eden Hazard's birthday today. He turns 26, practically still just a baby in the real world, but in football, he's a veteran, just a year away from retirement as our old joke used to go.

We could say he's in his prime, just based on his age, though some might argue that peak Eden Hazard happened two years ago and while we might see a recurrence of it now and again, he doesn't quite have the same fearlessness and verve for taking on a defender or three. That could all be a bit harsh, too, as we've certainly seen some wonderful performance from Hazard already this season. Playing in a slightly different role under Conte than previously at Chelsea, there have been times when Hazard was back to his nigh unplayable form, leaving chopped down defenders in his path and finishing with aplomb.

In any case, this is a tremendously fun way to spend 16 minutes. (h/t: Haz Mat)

BONUS: David Luiz wished his little brother Eden happy birthday on Instagram with this mesmerizing video. I don't even...

Joyeux anniversaire mon petit frère! Dieu te bénisse! @hazardeden_10

A video posted by David Luiz (@davidluiz_4) on