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Frank Lampard keeping fit and ready to play, with Crystal Palace and Brighton favorites for his signature

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No retirement yet for Super Frank?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Frank Lampard will one day no doubt return to Chelsea in a coaching or ambassador capacity, but that day is not yet today, or this month, or this season.  Most likely, anyway.

While Lampard has been spotted at Chelsea training, watching from the sidelines and doing a bit of stretching, his primary aim appears to be to catch on with a team either in the Premier League or the Championship and play for at least the rest of this season if not beyond.  He may be 38 years old, but age is just a number, right?

"I've got options really, I'm keeping fit and if I do play again it needs to be completely right for me."

"Fortunately enough, I've been able to have a good, long career and it would be the final right choice that would be important. But i'm relaxed about it as January goes and we'll see"

-Frank Lampard; source: BBC via The 72

Lampard has been linked with floundering Crystal Palace (just a point above the relegation zone) as well as Championship leaders Brighton & Hove Albion.  The bookies seem to prefer the latter option for him.