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How should Chelsea line up against Peterborough United in the FA Cup third round?

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

And for something a little bit different, football!  But it's FA Cup football!  Which probably means rotation, rotation, rotation — at least it should mean rotation, rotation, rotation — but it's up to you at this point to choose whom you would like to see out there on Sunday against Peterborough United, a mid-table League One side though who have lost just once since late October.

After this game, Chelsea's schedule goes back to its non-European footballing norm, with weekend games and plenty of time for practice.  So the FA Cup should not be considered a throwaway competition and we should be looking to win it, or at least go on a deeper run than our efforts in the League Cup.  While it shouldn't take the first-team to dispatch a third division opponent, maybe it's better to be safe than sorry?

There are no injury issues that we're aware of and other Mikel, who's off to China, the rest of the first-team squad (and maybe even a few Academy youngsters) are all available for selection.  For the fun of it, I've included both Kenedy and Charly Musonda on the list, though their involvement is just a wild guess at this point (and if they do get involved, they'll be ineligible to go on loan the rest of this season).

Choose wisely.

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