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Chelsea look focused but relaxed in latest behind the scenes video from the training ground

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And Hazard hitches a piggyback ride.

It's Friday, so it's Chelsea Unseen.

This week's behind the scenes video stays largely on the training ground, for extended shots of first-team training on the Friday before the Stoke City win and the Thursday after the Spurs loss. It's especially heartening to see the players in focused but light-hearted mood in the latter session, joking around amongst themselves and presumably ready to put that 2-0 reverse at White Hart Lane in the rearview and move on to the next challenge.

The first game of the rest of the season will be Sunday, at home to Peterborough United in the FA Cup while the Premier League returns a week from then with a trip to the home of the defending champions at least in name, Leicester City.

Fun to play spot the youngster in the first-team training shots as we try to guess who might or might not play against the visitors from the third division on Sunday. For example, young Jacob Maddox can be seen warming up with the big boys, while a certain Dominic Solanke appears to be training with the development squad instead.

Oh, and we get our first glimpse of new U18 signing Kyle Jameson and also get to watch a new passing drill that appears to be working on set 1-2 movement and first-touch passing. Fun stuff, as usual.