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Unofficial: Mikel passes medical, agrees terms, holds up Tianjin TEDA shirt

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It’s happening.

Reports on Thursday morning claimed that Mikel John Obi had done a 180 degree turnaround on his stance regarding the Chinese Super League and was undergoing a medical with Tianjin TEDA. He had supposedly been considering offers from Valencia, Marseille, and Inter Milan, but the six-digit weekly salary on offer from the cash-rich CSL was proving hard to turn down.

In what I can only consider unofficial confirmation of both the medical and a subsequent agreement happening, here are three pictures from Chinese social media network Weibo, from an account called TEDAtb. Two of them show Mikel clearly going through some sort of test, while the third is him shaking hands with presumably an official of the club as they hold up a Tianjin TEDA shirt.

(If the electrical outlets and the keyboards look a bit European, that’s probably because Tianjin are currently in Spain for a three-week preseason training camp.)

Mikel to China. Chelsea are letting him go on a free transfer, since his contract was up in the summer anyway. It’s (probably) happening.

(h/t: /r/chelseafc)