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Azpilicueta, David Luiz looking forward to learning from Spurs defeat

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Always improve.

Win or lose, the recurring theme of working hard and getting better continues to, well, recur at Chelsea. Call it the Conte effect, with everybody always talking about the work and the fight and the improvement.

As important it is to not lose sight of the tremendous accomplishment of Chelsea’s record-equaling winning streak, it is just as important to not sit on our laurels and learn from the inevitable crushing defeat that finally arrived last night. Whether we believe the loss was a result of individual errors or isolated incidents — Diego Costa called it a lack of concentration — or if we believe there’s a systemic issue that Spurs successfully exploited, the eventual outcome must be same. We must learn our lessons.

“It is difficult to analyse straight after the game, it is better to have time to do that, with the manager and the staff, and then improve on what we didn’t do well. When you lose you can improve a lot of things but even when we had the 13 games in a row we were analysing and trying to improve. This was a tough night but we have to learn from this and to come back strong.”


“But we said before when we were winning it is still a long way to go. We have to cope with a lot of difficult games and we have to work harder.”

-Cesar Azpilicueta; source: Chelsea FC

Sharp-cheekboned Future Captain, a most adorable David Luiz echoed all these echoes as well, urging the team to continue on playing and working with the same maturity, determination, and belief as we have over the past few months. Yes, simmer down, David Luiz was talking about maturity. Deal with it.

“The most important thing is to keep the same mentality, the same maturity. In the Premier League every game is different, every game is tough. It is never easy to win.”


“This is a good lesson for us. We totally changed things after that (Arsenal) defeat and went on a long winning run. Last night we lost, but we have to continue the same way, with our philosophy.”

“We work hard every day as a team. Sometimes it's not possible to win a match - Tottenham deserved to win. You're never happy when you lose a game, but we don't have time to feel too down. We haven't won anything yet, but we are still in a good position.”

"We are fighting, we are five points clear in front. But we need to keep the same concentration because every match will be tough."

-David Luiz; source: Evening Standard

Onwards and upwards. Always improve.