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Chelsea set to gain H&F Council consent for new Stamford Bridge stadium

It’s been many, many months now since we last heard any major rumors regarding Chelsea’s new stadium — which basically means that thanks to the plans being stuck in development* and bureaucratic hell, everything’s been delayed by about a year at this point — but according to a report published on Tuesday by CoStar, a multinational company specializing in real estate analytics and information, the stadium plans are set to gain the approval of Hammersmith and Fulham Council when they go up for vote on the 11th, i.e. next Wednesday.

* Chelsea submitted the original planning application in November 2015, but had to submit revised plans in August of 2016 due to questions and concerns over various environmental, landscaping and design issues, (and local community improvements via section 106 things) and then go through another round of public consultation, etc, etc, etc.

The original plans called for work on the railway deckings to start this season; this will presumably start this summer should the plans finally be approved. Other issues such as where Chelsea might play for the minimum of three seasons needed to rebuild the stadium on the same site as the current structure (Wembley? Stratford? Twickenham?), or what will happen with Chelsea Pitch Owners will then be decided in due course as well.

That latter issue will in fact face a vote at the next general meeting of the CPO (January 27) as shareholders will decide whether to (give the Chelsea Board the option to) extend the lease agreement with the CPO to 999 years (from the initial 199) to create a more secure investment platform on which to build.

So that’s all good news.

And there are even new renders, used with permission here from Neil Vano, whose work we’ve featured before, of what the stadium might look like on the inside once complete.

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