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Conte credits Spurs, happy with Chelsea effort, but win or lose, the work continues

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Always improve.

Antonio Conte was in subdued, reflective mood as Chelsea's 13-match winning streak came to an end at White Hart Lane on Wednesday night.  He's not a man who likes to lose, especially when the game struck such an even balance on the whole, but he was still quick to credit the strong play by Spurs while also acknowledging the physical effort put in by his own players.

While the effort itself might have been there, Chelsea were lacking the necessary cutting edge to finish off chances and not make silly errors in defense and midfield.  In a close game such as this one, those errors were always going to make all the difference.

Chelsea haven't lost a game in two months.  The reaction to this defeat will be most important, both in the next game on Sunday in the FA Cup, as well as the following weekend, away to Leicester City.  Win as a team, lose as a team.

Onwards and upwards.  Always improve.