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Chelsea pay tribute to record-breaking Cesc Fàbregas with best-of assists montage

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100 Premier League assists. Take a bow, Cesc Fàbregas!

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The merits and demerits of Cesc Fàbregas have been discussed ad nauseam, but the one thing that simply cannot be denied is that the man can pick a pass like nobody’s business. In a way, it’s lovely to see that a “cerebral” footballer can still have massive impact in modern football, which is trending more and more towards bigger, stronger, faster, and simply more athletic players than before. (That of course may be cliched or anecdotal and maybe they’ve been saying such things since the days of the 2-3-5 and no substitutions.)

In any case, Fàbregas is still out there on the regular, picking passes and taking names, with the reports of his Conte-fueled demise turning out to have been greatly exaggerated. He may not start against Tottenham on Wednesday night, but he’ll be on the bench at least, ready to deliver a telling ball should the need arise.

Over the weekend, Fàbregas set a new Premier League record for fastest to reach 100 assists, taking only 293 appearances to do so. Nice to see the club recognize his achievement, though there are no prizes for guessing which of his 29 Chelsea assists is held up as the best by being shown last in the montage.