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Liverpool vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

Clive Mason/Getty Images

It's been edge of your seat entertainment at Anfield tonight; the 15 minutes of the half-time are welcome respite to catch our breath and maybe reduce the heart-rate to something not quite in the red zone.

Liverpool have dominated possession, as one would expect, but Chelsea have been fairly comfortable in defending Courtois's goal.  Balls down the channel and in-behind for Firmino are slightly concerning, but David Luiz has been a beast so far and the rest of his cohorts in defense have been steady as well.  (Same can't be said for Marcos Alonso's passing, but maybe he'll improve.)

David Luiz has managed to stamp his influence onto the game at the other end, too, with one of the funnier free kicks you'll see all season.  Willian looked to be taking it all the way, but David Luiz just stole in and smashed it into the back of the net while Mignolet and the Liverpool wall were not quite ready.  It took everyone by surprise, including possibly Willian, and it was amazing.  David Luiz almost doubled Chelsea's lead from another Willian free kick a few minutes later, but he was just a couple inches short of a touch.

There was then concern over David Luiz's recently unwrapped knee after he seemed to take a knock or a twist to it.  After a bit of treatment, he was back but not quite moving as freely as before.  Luiz had been playing with a wrapped knee since the Aguero assault on him; chances are he'll have to wrap it again at half-time.  Hopefully no major damage done however.

While Chelsea's defensive effort has been good, our attack has been basically non-existent.  The counter is always there of course, but we'll need to improve our passing and link-up, especially between Hazard and Costa.

In any case, the scoreline suits us just fine.  Let's do this.


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