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Chelsea 4-0 Brentford, Player Ratings: Branislav Ivanović lifetime achievement Man of the Match

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

Minutes played27
Despite being the most played player in the last 7+ seasons at Chelsea Football Club, Ivanović has not been one to collect too many Man of the Match awards.  The WAGNH Community Player Ratings, for example, had only had him at the very top three times in the past 4.5+ seasons.  This is his fourth, and possibly last, alongside a rating that matches his 4.5-season high as well (8.9 for that left-footed goal against Manchester City at the Etihad).

This is not necessarily (just) a reflection on Bane's reputation or his frequent status as scapegoat.  Defensive players tend be overlooked in player ratings exercises.  Even when they're arguably the greatest ever right full-back this club has ever seen. (Do keep in mind that modern athletes >>> athletes from past decades, by definition.)

2. PEDRO 8.6
Minutes played74
Just past the halfway point of the season, Pedro has covered basically ever blade of grass on both the left and right flanks of Chelsea.  He's played as a left wing/inside forward, a right wing/inside forward, a left back, and now, a right back, too!

Meanwhile, he just keeps scoring, adding another one to the recent haul of goals from Chelsea wingbacks, whoever they may be.

3. WILLIAN 8.2
Minutes played62
Succ. take-ons3
Willian just beats out Cesc Fàbregas by a few hundredths for the final spot on the podium.  Cesc did get Chelsea Twitter's official man of the match award, fwiw.

Willian's season has been a bit more low key than last year, affected by a tragic event off the pitch and Pedro's scintillating form.  Saturday's free kick should remind us that Willian is a very talented (if at times very frustrating) player.

Begović (7.7), Azpilicueta (7.5), Terry (7.2), Zouma (7.4), Aké (7.6), Fàbregas (8.2), Chalobah (7.3), Pedro (8.6), Loftus-Cheek (7.4), Batshuayi (7.3), Willian (8.2)

Ivanović (8.9), Kenedy (6.7), Costa (6.9)


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