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Chelsea make second bid for Begovic replacement Celtic goalkeeper — report

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I drive fastly, call me Craig Gordon; in the black SS with the navigation

Aberdeen v Celtic - Betfred Cup Final Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Andele andele!

There’s no time to waste! The January transfer windows slams (SLAMS!) shut on Tuesday night shortly after Chelsea’s match against Liverpool, and if we’re to make everyone in the backup goalkeeper department happy, we need to have someone other than Asmir Begović sitting on the bench at Anfield. It could be Eduardo, at least temporarily, but the directive is that we cannot grant Begović his move to Bournemouth until we secure a replacement.

Chelsea appear to be trying very hard at what is a bit of an impossible mission — find a team willing to sell a good goalkeeper in the middle of the season — and according to Sky Sports, we’re making another attempt at Celtic’s Craig Gordon.

The amount of the bid is fairly academic at this point; the hang-up is Celtic’s unwillingness to sell their starting goalkeeper. Unless the 34-year-old is about to force a move and maybe attempt to win two Premier Leagues in two countries at the same time (Celtic could sleep their way to the Scottish title at this point), this move seems as unlikely to happen as it has all week.