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Conte wary of ‘very angry’ Liverpool

Chelsea Training and Press Conference Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Returning to Premier League action only three days after beating Brentford to advance to the fifth round of the FA Cup, Chelsea will be in for a tough battle against Liverpool at Anfield on Tuesday.

The Reds have beaten Chelsea once already this season, one of just 4 games (out of 27) in all competitions that we’ve lost, and the only loss out of 15 home games at the Bridge. Granted, Chelsea have become a significantly more improved team in the meantime, but going to Anfield is never easy.

"For sure it's true [that Chelsea have grown since their loss to Liverpool]. After that game I said that Liverpool is already a team and Chelsea is not a team. After four months a lot of things are changed in my team. We are growing a lot, improving a lot and we have good confidence. It will be more difficult for Liverpool if you compare the game here with this game at Anfield."

Liverpool may have been a ‘team’ for longer than Chelsea, but they’ve managed to hit a bit of rough patch in 2017 by winning just 1 of their last 8 games in all competitions. Liverpool are still technically in contention for the Premier League title and are firmly in the middle of the top four race; one would expect them to come out appropriately motivated and firing on Tuesday night against

"We know this type of situation. Liverpool now is very tough for us because they had bad defeats and for this reason their focus will be very high. We must pay great attention because when you arrive after three defeats you are very dangerous and very angry. It won't be easy on Tuesday. I'm sure that Liverpool is one of the teams that can fight to the end to win the title."

Chelsea can’t win the title on Tuesday but Liverpool could possibly lose (any reasonable chance at) it. It’s bound to be an entertaining battle of wills between Conte and Klopp.

"To play a game there is exciting. I repeat we must pay great attention because of the great atmosphere and Liverpool is a really good team. They have a good coach and really good players."

"The crowd pushes them a lot and we must pay attention to this atmosphere because it will help them but we have to play our football. We'll try to play with good intensity, with good attention and then we'll see what happens."

-Antonio Conte; Source: Daily Mail