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David Luiz spooks Hazard with magic; Zouma plays with fire and pranks Costa

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Good times on the training ground

A bit of lighthearted content for ya ahead of today’s FA Cup fourth round match against fellow West Londoners Brentford.

First up, we have David Luiz doing a bit of magic-comedy routine, though it’s the editing and the perfect choice of music that really makes it shine.

I don’t know what that was all about, but I’m laughing just the same. Ohhhhhh, Daavid Luuuuizzzz...

That clip is part of the weekly Chelsea Re-seen feature from Chelsea TV, which is always worth a watch as well, even if the vast majority of it are just clips from throughout the week that you may have seen already.

Can I get a Diego Costa butt-goal?

Last but certainly not least we have Kurt Zouma being a very, very, VERY brave boy and playing a prank on none other than Diego Costa as they were walking out to the training ground yesterday. You’re playing with fire, Zou — you need to make a quick escape like Matić(?)!


Diego Costa had a little trouble getting out to training today...

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Friday, January 27, 2017

Let the good times roll!