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Chelsea brave the freezing cold in latest behind the scenes video from the training ground

Is it just me, or has this past week flown by super fast? It's probably just me. But we're almost through January now and spring is just around the corner. The season will be over before you know it!

Let's stop and cherish a few moments then, courtesy of the weekly Chelsea Unseen video, which features many of the usual things we've come to know and love and expect this season — David Luiz and César Azpilicueta messing with the Chelsea TV crew, Diego Costa having some fun at training, Thibaut Courtois looking for penguins ... wait, what? Apparently it was really cold the other day (which is why the development squad were training indoors).

The brief shots of the U8s serving as mascots meanwhile proves that there is still joy left in modern football and it's not all just a soulless cash-grab and an inexorable march towards a future of super leagues, franchises, and no promotion or relegation.

Lastly, special shout-out to Pedro's massive hooded coat in training. How can you even run in that thing?!

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