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The Daily Hilario: Modern footie

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Transcription, courtesy of /r/soccer:

I think it's a sign of the times, not just Liverpool but modern footie in general. It's that.. it's just... Liverpool, it's like a tourist club now. And I think most of the top six in the Premier League are tourist clubs. And I think.. it might.. it gets to Klopp. You can tell it gets to Klopp. He shouts about the atmosphere. I think a lot of it is that he's just sick of people just showing up to Liverpool, having a little song and dance about it, taking a few photos, taking a selfie stick to the game. You know I heard a few lads in the back then, saying "would ya leave - if you're watching on the tele in your house and it was the 42nd minute, and you're still going for that first goal - would you leave and just make a brew?" You wouldn't. But ya see people leaving, coming back with pizza boxes in the main stand innit. I just think where's the club gone? Ya know, like, not even 10 years ago, like games like 4-0s against Real Madrid, I remember going with my great uncles and stuff like that. The atmosphere was booming, and everyone, everyone, in every stand was absolutely booming.

Yeah um, I just think it happens to every club though, I mean, we don't half take the piss out of United and in fairness Old Traffords a fuckin library. Every single football- most modern football clubs now are just so sanitised. Gone away from its roots massively and I think that's probably what affects the club as well, I think it affects Klopp, cause Klopps gone from a league where tickets are like €20 for German fans. Most of the stadium seems - for the working class - it is! It's still that! And Liverpool now, like that main stand, most of it's corporate, let's be honest, like, most of that is corporate. I think the cheapest seats are hospitality on the mainstand for a hundred quid. Who's got a hundred quid? To spare, to go for a fuckin - I think they call it the Carlsberg Lounge, they wheel in a few old players to give a little speech and then they go sit outside, it's not. It's not footie is it? You're used to standing 90 minutes on the terraces, go to the fucking Sing Fong outside [a Chinese takeaway], get curry and chips and then you go home. You don't - you don't be getting like [scoffs] some people say it but [scoffs again] you don't be getting salt and pepper chips at half time, or something like that. It's not a gourmet thing, it's not a day out, it's you supporting your club cause your club is your club, it's your team, it's your city, it's everything. And I just feel like it's losing that with Liverpool, and it's been losing that the last 7 years. I do look - I do worry about the future cause I think are we gonna become a team where people just book- people just think "let's just go to Liverpool for a day out" and you won't hear a Scouse voice in the terraces. You just won't hear anything. That - that - I think it's part of a wider problem

The solution:  relegation.  Then you will only get the "hardcore" (locals and tourists) to show up.  Of course, there's no "right" way to be a fan.  You might think there is, but you'd be wrong.

Lower ticket prices are a must regardless.

Football's been dying since the day it was born.  As have most modern sports at the top (professional) leagues.  It's the nature of the beast.   Here's a kid moaning about his club on the Internet.  Here we are sharing an experience about a club through a faceless, largely anonymous world-wide medium.  The world's changing every day and nothing stays the same.

Also, things weren't better or louder or more atmospheric 10, 20, 30, whatever years ago.  We just like to thing that they were.

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