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Pedro: Diego Costa is happy, focused, perfect for Chelsea

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Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Former Barcelona man Pedro knows a thing or two about playing with great players, and while he himself is showing the best form he’s ever shown in a Chelsea shirt, it’s been one of his teammates who’s been dominating the headlines, regardless of whether he was actually playing or not.

Diego Costa was back on Sunday and back in the goals as well, serving notice to the rest of the Premier League that Chelsea will not be deterred.

"Diego is probably the best for this team. He is a very good striker. [At Barcelona] I have played with important people, important players like [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic.

"But Costa is a very good striker too, a very good runner, strong physically and scores more goals for the team. He is perfect for this team."

Over the days in which Diego spent his time training by himself due to his back injury, the media used much of its time brewing rumours on how the striker wanted to leave the club. But Pedro made sure to rebuff these claims, saying that Diego is happy at Chelsea and focused on winning the Premier League title.

"He is very happy to be here in the club, this is the most important thing. Did I speak to him? Yes and his focus is on the team, the game, this season to fight for this title. This ambition Diego shows is good for the team."

Just as he knows about playing with perfect players, Pedro knows a thing or two about winning. But while at Barcelona he may have been winning things with relative ease and great frequency, winning something in England would prove even more rewarding in a way.

"This title is very difficult to win. The Premier League is probably the best, the strongest, more competitive [than what I experienced at Barcelona] and for me it would be a dream to win this title.”

"Is it harder to open up a gap here than in Spain? Yes. It's difficult and different but this is a good moment for us."

-Pedro; Source: London Evening Standard

There are however still 16 games to go, including two big ones coming up against Liverpool and Arsenal. The hard work must continue.