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David Luiz on Diego Costa: ‘Sometimes people talk a lot without knowing anything’

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Middlesbrough v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

David Luiz and Diego Costa were once famous for their Champions League clashes (Chelsea vs. Atlético and then Chelsea vs. PSG twice), but now they’re thick as thieves on the training ground and working hand-in-hand to get Chelsea back to the top of the table and back into Europe as well. David Luiz has been anchoring the three-man backline better than anyone could’ve expected, while Diego Costa has been scoring goals at a league-leading pace.

On-pitch shenanigans aside, Costa was also making headlines this past week for his off-pitch whatever that may have been, most of which “issue” has now been laid to rest because he scored a goal. Or something.

Either way, David Luiz was asked about it after Sunday’s win over Hull City and he described the whole situation as “normal”. How do you expect me to make headlines out of that, David?!

“That’s his [Costa] job, to score goals, and he works on that every day. He does his job very well. He’s a great player who’s in fantastic form right now.”

“He’s playing well, and I’m happy for him because sometimes people talk a lot without knowing anything, and he’s had to go through that. But it’s normal people talk about the best players in the world, Diego is one of them.”

“I don’t know. Things were normal. Everyone has offers, everyone has things to talk about. He’s happy, always wants to play football, that’s what’s important for me.”

-David Luiz; source: SFR Sport via Metro

You tell ‘em, Steve-Dave David Luiz!

Also cool: Sideshow speaking French!

Elsewhere in Diego Costa-land, we’ve got Duncan Castles continuing to push the £130m price tag story, so we’re probably a fair distance away from a final word on Costa, if such a thing even exists. But for now, until the summer at least, we can probably rest assured that Costa isn’t going anywhere.