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Chelsea's almost perfect points weekend

Is it now a matter of if, not when, Chelsea win the league? London is Blue podcast reviews the match and ponders the big question.

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Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

London is Blue are...

Episode Summary

Liverpool lose. Tottenham and Manchester City draw. Arsenal almost loses (and Wenger loses the plot). And on top of all of this Chelsea win? Is this one of the most perfect weekends Chelsea have had in recent memory?

We recap this hard fought victory over a stout Hull City, send positive vibes to Ryan Mason, and discuss who may see their first minutes in the first team vs. Brentford.


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  • Is Costa or Hazard more important to the team's title run?
  • Did Conte get the substitutions right today?
  • Should Chelsea allow Begovic to go?