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Courtois: Diego Costa fully committed to the Chelsea cause

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Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

One man who has consistently contributed to the Chelsea cause all season has been Diego Costa. Despite missing our last game against Leicester City due to injury, Diego still leads the goalscoring charts in the Premier League with 14 goals (and five assists) in 19 games.

Diego's commitment to the shirt was put under scrutiny over the past week or so, but everything seems to be back to normal now. Joining the encouraging words of Conte is Thibaut Courtois. According to the goalkeeper, there was never any doubt about the striker's commitment to the team.

"He has trained very well this week. Obviously it was not a nice rumour that went around that he had a fight or anything. He had an injury and couldn't train and obviously if you are not 100 per cent fit and you feel you cannot play it's logic that you don't train with the team."

"This week he could train again and he trained very well, so he might play on Sunday. He looks very committed, we cannot doubt that about Diego. You can see that in all games he plays."

"Nobody in this team doubted it, so when the day before the game against Leicester that came out it was a bit of a surprise to the players but it didn't affect us in any way because we know what's the truth. The rest is maybe just trying to destabilise Chelsea, but we don't let it."

With Diego unable to feature and Chelsea coming off of a lost against Spurs, many were doubting whether Chelsea could get a good result against the Foxes at the King Power Stadium. The Blues happily silenced those doubts with a great second half performance to beat the defending champions 3-0.

"If the result hadn't been good they could have doubted us, first after the loss against Tottenham and as well with that story. Then they can make stories that it had affected us."

"We were very happy with that win. We showed that the game against Tottenham was a tough game that you can lose. Think it was a good game from both sides that day and Tottenham was just a bit stronger than us."

"We showed against Leicester that we are still the team that won 13 times in a row. Hopefully we can continue on the same run."

Chelsea are set to face Liverpool and Arsenal consecutively after today's match against Hull City. Courtois is looking forward to those games, but knows that points can be lost at any time against any opposition.

"Obviously this month is important for us. You have two big games coming up after Hull with Liverpool and Arsenal. If you can get a good result against both of those teams you make the gap maybe bigger."

"There is still a long way to go. Top games is one thing, but going away to Stoke or Burnley are difficult games where you can lose points."

-Thibaut Courtois; Source: Sky Sports

Thankfully Chelsea have been able to handle these 'trap' games against minnows quite well as of late. This does not mean that we should let our guard down today. Three points against the likes of Hull City or Sunderland can be as valuable as beating a direct title-challenger.