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Didier Drogba comes back to Chelsea for a visit

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The big man for the big occasion!

The parade of former stars popping in for a visit at Chelsea continued on Saturday as the legendary Didier Drogba stopped by for a visit with “his people”.

Good to see you my People @johnterry.26 @willianborges88 @diego.costa @cescf4bregas #Champions2015

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Nice to see Cesc make time in his busy showering schedule to pose for the snap. Meanwhile, Willian was so excited to see his former teammate, he even forgot to put on pants! But at least his hair won’t get cold.

Jokes aside, lovely to see Didier back at Cobham, even if it is just for a visit rather than the long-rumored return to the club as an ambassador or coach or mentor or whathaveya.

Drogba has been without a club since leaving Montreal Impact at the end of the MLS season in December, but he’s recently been linked with moves to Brazil (Corinthians) or perhaps China as well. Didier already tried his luck in China once and that one did not go so well, but presumably they’d be able to pay him this time around.