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Diego Costa continues Instagram Chelsea charm offensive

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Good lad, Diego.

Gosh, give it a rest already, Diego. We get it, we get it. The move to China fell through and now you’re all cuddly wuddly and I love you and I haha I was never leaving why would you ever believe that? We understand. And you had the death-stare-off with Conte and lost, and this is your latest reparations for that. No, really, we understand. You really, really, really, really, really love Chelsea forever and ever and ever? That’s what we though as well! So glad we’re in agreement.

Come on Chelsea!!!⚽️

A photo posted by Diego Costa (@diego.costa) on

That’s Diego’s latest Instagram post, his third this week, which is well ahead of his usual ratio, and all very positive and all about Chelsea. Whatever may have been going on in the real world, there remained no doubt where Diego’s allegiances lay in his Instagram world. Whether that means anything at all is debatable of course, but I’d like to think he’s out there quietly reassuring us and laughing at all the commotion he’s managed to cause.

Conte didn’t explicitly confirm that Costa will be starting on Sunday, but all signs seem to be pointing towards yes. ¡Vamos!