Andreas Christensen: On his two years at Gladbach and his return to Chelsea

There was a really nice article about Andreas Christensen in Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet (originally from the more respectable Danish sports paper Tipsbladet).

The article is an interview with Max Eberl, the Director of Sport at Gladbach. As it’s in Danish I have translated the highlights here:

On his performances in the current season compared to his breakthrough first season:

"Andreas did not play well for us in the first season. He played fantastic. He was the player of the year in Borussia Mönchengladbach and the best centre back in the Bundesliga together with Jerome Boating and Mats Hummels. Andreas is playing a good season for us, and it’s completely natural that he has not hit the level of last season, which, by the way, was completely exceptional for a teenager in his first season as a senior player."

"It’s completely expected that he makes a few mistakes, but because he played so well last season, the media and surroundings starts to wonder. He is only 20, and he needs a good stabil team around him. And he didn’t have that in the same way as last season."

"This season there are more rumours about his future, and he has to give interviews, and the fact is, he is still a quiet young man who would much rather play football than constantly have to worry about the future."

"It’s fantastic for his future as a footballer to feel the pressure you feel when you play for a team close to relegation. There’s a world of difference playing in the top 5 and fighting for 15th or 16th place."

On his expected return to Chelsea this summer:

"The agreement is that Andreas will return to Chelsea this summer. It has been an outstanding deal for all parties involved. Chelsea gets a player back who has played around 80 games at the highest level and we got an excellent player for two years that we would have otherwise had no chance of getting to our club. If an opportunity arises to have Andreas back in the club next season we are definitely interested."

"He is a classy guy, and I am very satisfied with our scouting work, spotting him in youth matches at Brøndby, Chelsea and Danish Youth national teams, and that we were able to see that he would be able to play at the highest level in the Bundesliga. His position in Gladbach will not be affected by his return to Chelsea this summer. He is a very important player for us.

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