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Plenty of intensity, plenty of fun, plenty of Diego Costa in latest behind the scenes video

This week's episode of Chelsea Unseen is dominated by training. In fact, there's almost nothing else but training in this edition of the lovely behind the scenes series from Chelsea TV. There's a bit of U18s (including a penalty shootout) and there's a fair bit of the first-team (including plenty of Diego Costa, who continues his friendly rivalry with third goalkeeper Eduardo).

While Costa's presence is reassuring and great, it's also cool to see young Charly Musonda not only involved but contribute with a nice finish. Same goes for Kenedy, who gets a mid-five from fellow Brazilian David Luiz for his efforts. David Luiz's other notable contribution is a hand-heart, which reminds me that he and fellow hand-hearter Willian will be live on Chelsea's Facebook tonight (Friday night). I'm sure there will be plenty of shenanigans.

All-in-all, it looks like another week of intense, yet fun training at Cobham, with no obvious signs of any CRISIS or whatever discord the media, agents, Jose Mourinho, whoever else might be wanting to sow.