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Bamford sad yet happy to leave for Middlesbrough, but 'not closing door' on Chelsea

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Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Former Chelsea hopeful Patrick Bamford left for Middlesbrough in a £6m (+add-ons) move earlier this week to try to rediscover his once highly promising future as a leading goalscorer.  It's a move that both the Teessiders and Bamford had been looking forward to for some time and hopefully it'll work out for them as well as they've all imagined it would. (Though Middlesbrough boss Aitor Karanka has, wisely, urged some caution as far as expectations are concerned.)

Bamford posted a goodbye note on Twitter at the time of the move, but yesterday, he also went on talkSport to talk to Jim White a bit more about his time at Chelsea and what the future might entail.

"I was really keen doing the loan deals when I was younger, but after going to about six clubs it was getting a bit much. Moving every six months and having to resettle and relocate, it isn't ideal."

"I made a decision with my team that I had to be somewhere where I can enjoy myself and somewhere I can see myself settling down to concentrate on the football, and there was only one place I could do that. It was a sad day knowing that I was going to leave Chelsea, but it was also probably one of the happiest days of my life as well. I was so happy to come back here to Middlesbrough."

"I've put Chelsea behind me now, but I really enjoyed working with the staff and the players there. I'll remember my time there fondly. But I'm not closing the door on Chelsea. You never know what will happen in the future, depending on how well I do."

-Patrick Bamford; source: talkSport

Bamford has always come across as an intelligent, level-headed character and this time is no different.  In a familiar refrain, the road warrior life had started to wear on him (especially since he was moving every six months), and it was time for some stability.  He's not the first, nor will he be the last loanee to trudge along this path.  It's the harsh reality inherent in the system.  But just as he's always had, he maintains his ultimate Chelsea ambition, and perhaps one day, that, too will come true.

Boro are in desperate need of some goals, having managed just 17 in 21 games so far this season, worst in the league (and the second worst in the top four divisions of English football after Oldham's hilarious output of 13 goals in 26 games).  Unlike at his recent loans, Bamford does not need to win the trust of his manager this time; that should still exist from their fruitful time together in 2014-15, hopefully giving Bamfordinho a real chance at finally establishing himself in the Premier League.