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Lille OSC look to solve scoring woes by loaning underutilized Chelsea striker — report

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Former French league champions Lille are having a rather poor season by their standards, stuck in 12th at the halfway point with fewer goals scored (18) than matches played (19).

And that’s actually an improvement from a month ago, when LOSC were second from bottom and decided to part ways with manager Frederic Antonetti. Interim boss Patrick Collot has lost just once in six games, but with only eight goals scored (four of which came in one game), their scoring woes have continued. Éder may have scored the winning goal at Euro 2016, but he’s only got four goals in 19 appearances so far this season.

So Lille are looking for help up top and according to local sources, that help just might be a certain Michy Batshuayi on loan for the rest of the season, without an option to buy.

This is hardly the first time Batshuayi’s been linked to a loan move away from Chelsea, but Conte has recently reiterated his promise to play him more in the future (read: FA Cup this coming weekend) and has claimed that the young Belgian international wants to stay and work for his shot.

But until that chance arrives, the rumors will no doubt continue (as well the ancillary ones, like Fernando Llorente coming to Chelsea).