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Chelsea loanee Baba Rahman’s injury even worse than feared, set to miss rest of season

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There goes another ACL

WAC RZ Pellets v Chelsea - Friendly Match Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Baba Rahman’s injury diagnosis has gone from the player and his national team coach being somewhat positive about it (Baba was certain he would continue at the Africa Cup of Nations while Avram Grant called it 50-50), to it being diagnoses as a bruised meniscus, to now it getting upgraded to a torn ACL and ruptured meniscus after a few more tests were conducted. (And after a round of magic horse placenta didn’t do the trick?)

In a statement released earlier in the day, the Ghanaian FA confirmed the full extent of the injury was “a rupture of the meniscus and a particular tear of the anterior cruciate ligament with fluid collection in the left knee.”

Baba’s now likely to undergo surgery to fix all that, becoming the latest young Chelsea player to suffer an ACL injury. A recovery period similar to Zouma’s should be expected, likely putting Baba out of commission for the rest of the season and most of the rest of this calendar year.

Fortunately, Baba’s still young, so we can hopeful of a successful recovery and perhaps even a future on the Chelsea left flank.