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WATCH: Diego Costa rejoins Chelsea first-team training

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And just like that, it was over?

Chelsea returned to training today (Tuesday) at Cobham after the scheduled off-day on Monday. Diego Costa was no doubt waiting for all of them already, having slept at the training ground since finishing his individual rehab assignments on Monday. I just made up the part about sleeping there obviously, but I just wanted to join in on this fake news fun that seems to be going around a lot lately. Costa did train on Monday by himself, that part is true, complying with the orders of the training staff with whom he apparently had his big falling-out last week. And according to multiple reports, he was out there with the rest of the team as normal on Tuesday.

In fact, here’s video from Chelsea TV that was posted today, with Costa looking ready and willing.

Meanwhile, the offers from China have been put to rest after Tianjin Quanjian’s owner revealed that Chelsea weren’t entertaining their silly offers before their silly offers were curtailed by new Chinese Super League regulations. There was at least one report, which claimed that Abramovich wouldn’t be willing to sell even for £200m, which of course is silly, but it’s not even the silliest thing in this entire silly situation.

Which, hopefully, has now been smoothed over, if it needed smoothing over in the first place.

UPDATE: More pictures from Chelsea official Twitter.