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Demba Ba, Eden Hazard part of investors group for new NASL franchise in San Diego

I am Ron Burgundy?

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And now for something completely different: soccer! American soccer, to be exact. Warning: here be talk of franchises.

This news actually broke over the weekend, but thanks to the Costa-drama, I sort of forgot about it. Still, it’s worth mentioning, as apparently Demba Ba and good friend Eden Hazard are looking to sink some of their hard-earned millions into a new NASL (not dead yet?) expansion team in San Diego, CA.

League issues aside — if the NASL folds (again), maybe San Diego can join the USL instead? — Ba seems quite excited by the prospect of owning a football soccer team and apparently he’s roped in his brother Eden as well.

“Me and a group of investors, a couple of players as well in the project, are doing something for San Diego right now.”

“We are close to finalize and get the license from the guys from Club 9 Sports and we have an LOE with the NASL, and we are very close to finalizing to bring the team in San Diego, which will be something big.”

“We have some players, a group of investment, one of the most famous guys is Eden Hazard, a very close friend of mine, and he’s excited as well.”

-Demba Ba; source: SiriusXM FC via Angels on Parade

Ba didn’t mention who the other players might be and it’s all rather speculative at this time, but should a San Diego soccer franchise come to fruition, it would be pretty cool to see Demba Ba and Eden Hazard as part-owners of it.

And, if they do get to do it, I hope they revive (or share with or take back from the indoor team) one of the greatest franchise names of all time. Sockers, get it?

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