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Can Chelsea cope without Costa?

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Plus, what's Conte's favorite type of cake? London is Blue reviews a wild, wild weekend for Chelsea with guest Liam Twomey of ESPN FC.

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London is Blue are...

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Episode Summary

We're kicking off a new winning streak with a healthy serving of drama thanks to training ground flare-ups, mysterious injuries, and Chinese mega-offers. After a brief recap of our victory over Leicester City, we talk about the biggest moment in Chelsea history since the purchase of the club by Roman and the Champions League victory – the new stadium approval! Since Liam was there at the meeting for all the torrid details – drainage concerns and arborist demands a plenty – he fills us in on the need-to-know details. Then it's some social media questions and there was only one question that really needed answering – Conte's favorite type of cake.

Oh. Maybe a few minutes on that whole Costa scenario too.


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  • Where has this Alonso been hiding all along? Is Nathan Aké the catalyst we needed to unlock his true potential?
  • What do or don't we know about the new stadium.
  • What exactly is going on with Diego Costa?

Special Shoutout

During this episode we also talked (far too briefly) about the efforts of Chelsea Pride, part of Chelsea's Building Bridges campaign. Open to everyone, they exist to ensure Chelsea is a safe and inclusive environment for LGBT people, their families and friends. If you'd like to be a part of their great efforts to further inclusion, and celebrate diversity, across Chelsea and throughout all of football, consider filling out their membership form.

They are also having their committee organization meeting prior to the match vs. Hull City this weekend. All the deets are in the embedded tweet.