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Chelsea’s win against Leicester City was harder than it looked, claims Nemanja Matić

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Praise all around.

Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Antonio Conte convinced Nemanja Matić to stay this summer by placing his faith in the big man in the middle of the pitch, and true to his word, Conte has done just that. Matić has missed just one match in the league all season, and that was through suspension injury. Obviously it helps that Matić has put last season’s horrible performances firmly behind him, though every once in a while we see some flashbacks, like a few of those silly giveaways in Saturday’s match against Leicester City.

Chelsea’s performance against the defending champions was a bit uneven — a fairly poor first half followed by an utterly dominant second — but as Matić tells it, it was hard going out there.

“The 3-0 result makes it look like an easy game, but on the pitch it was very hard and I'm happy for the team because we played very well, we scored three goals in a very difficult stadium and I hope we continue.”

“They have very fast players up front. They wait for our mistakes, so we waited for the second goal and after that it was easier for us; not easy, but easier to play and to find the third one.”

The 28-year-old, who’s rather hilariously been linked to a reunion with Jose Mourinho in the last couple days, believes this was the perfect response to the 2-0 defeat at Spurs. Now we

“It was important for us to go back on the same road that we were before Tottenham, against a very good team that is physical and strong.”

-Nemanja Matić; source: Chelsea FC

While there’s a decent chance that Matić rotates out to give Cesc Fàbregas a start against Hull City next weekend, the SpiderBeast will no doubt continue to be relied upon heavily, especially in the back-to-back games against Liverpool and Arsenal coming up in a couple weeks.